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"After 30 years in professional music and 15 as a commercial music composer, producer, and production company owner, it is important to utilize my 'musical resources' to the fullest. Our musical output is directly related to the excellence of our team. We need to move fast, but it better be great, or the client will go elsewhere next time.

Delbert Walling has been my primary studio session guitarist since I started Soundstage I in 1984. As our business has grown, so has Delbert in his diversity, and very rare insightful playing abilities. He never fails to be "right on", both in his creative playing, but also his precise use of the guitar. I have...every time...left the session with the knowledge that the guitar segment is as good as it gets, and a renewed thankfulness that Delbert chose to stay in the area and be both a friend and a fantastic resource. He is truly a rarity. A great musician and good person to boot!"

Jim Cummings
Soundstage I Productions

"Delbert's ability to capture audiences is unparalleled no matter the genre of music he's playing, making his flexibility an unusual and sought after quality. He stands out among his peers in his ability to breathe new life into old covers, and keep his listeners rapt with enjoyment. As a musician, it's a joy to work with someone so enthusiastic who exemplifies such a high level of musicianship, and   who is as supportive and caring as Delbert is. He is a rare and wonderful person!"

Amy Hansen, Vocalist

"Delbert Walling and I were around the age of thirteen when we met, and I had the privilege of having Delbert as my band mate and very good friend all the way through our High School years, and well after. We played together in the bands Mother Head, The Armstrong Brothers, and Crosswind. Delbert was always an inspiration, as well as a lot of fun on the road!

Delbert’s dedication to his craft quickly brought him technical skills and knowledge, and he truly is a virtuoso guitarist in every sense. Delbert plays a wide variety of music exceptionally well, with confidence and feeling. A more enthusiastic and motivating performer and teacher would be hard to find."

Dave Johnson, bassist, currently playing the electric bass for Jeff Graham and Neil Dirickson, both Tulsa area songwriters and guitarists.

"It’s true. Delbert’s middle name is ‘Tone’. From the first time I heard Delbert it was his tone that was outstanding, and that [stood-out]. I met Delbert at the Guitar Institute of Technology in 1978. GIT, a school that only accepted 110 out of 850 applicants. Daily, I was hearing 110 great players, but what impressed me was Delbert’s clean, clear, and warm tone that made hearing Delbert stand measures above the other students. At the same time, he was the humblest; showing that he was sincerely more interested in what someone else was offering than his own cool abilities. He was, and still is in charge of his sound. Always playing from his heart, drawing the listener into his world. Whether he’s playing jazz, rock, folk, or any other of the styles he has mastered, there is something special about his warmth and giving of his music and of himself. Not only musically but, as a compassionate human, Delbert makes this world a much better place to live. Having Delbert being part of my life has been a great honor, as well a lot more fun than you can imagine. I look forward to collaborating with Delbert in the future.

"He’s the only guy I know that can take a $4.95 amp, and a $7 guitar, and make it sound like gold!"

Lynn Wiles, Guitarst/Instructor

vidjngl_2.jpg (59510 bytes)Delbert, Kim, and Dave in the recording studio, recording Vidsonix Corporate theme song.

"Delbert has used Vidsonix products since March of 2003. He has supported our products and has voluntarily contributed to our website in the form of kick @!* pictures and even a theme song. It has been an honor to follow along with his band, his guitar teaching endeavors, and his awesome friends in the Southern Michigan Folk Society. His musical talent and passion are enlightening in this world where so many live and work in virtual monotony.

Rock on Mighty Delster!"

Charlie Miltenberger

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"I have known Delbert for over four years now and every time I hear him play he amazes me. His knowledge and experience with music along with his creativity give him the ability to do more than just play well. He can play a song that I have heard hundreds of times and blow me away with a guitar solo that he is just feeling at the time. Delbert lives and breathes music. He puts on a great show and always makes sure the crowd is having a good time."

Jessica Hampton, Photographer

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