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Current Club and Concert Set Up.

My electric set-up includes my old custom strat. I have used this guitar for way over 20 years. It is very lightweight and perfectly balanced. It has a refined slim neck. It has two humbuckers that could warm up Alaska with their tones! Very sweet!  I have also been using my American made Telecaster daily. This year I switched to this two channel Marshall that actually sounds good as a clean amp. It also has a great classic blues rock sound and a killer thick modern type sound when needed.

Now, my Earcandy cabs! I can't say enough about the tone, the weight, and the dispersion of these cabs. They fill a huge stage with great sounds even at outdoor wine festivals with large audiences.  www.earcandycabs.com

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Current Instrumental Set Up

My archtop guitar is a hand made, hand carved, tap tuned Knisely archtop. It has a 17 inch body width with a 2 3/4 inch rim. The top is solid spruce with a German maple rim, back, and neck. It has all hand carved ebony parts. The pickup is a floating Kent Armstrong humbucker. The guitar sounds wonderful acoustically and electrified. It plays fantastic. It was built by Jim Knisely and Aaron Cowles. Jim met Bob Benedetto and used Bob's book and video series as a guide. He also spent some time working with Tom Ribbecke in California.   Aaron did the lacquer finish. Aaron worked at Gibson doing just about everything there for 25 years. The two of them together turned out an unreal guitar for me, that's for sure!


My amp is the new Jazz amp by Henriksen Amps. A wonderful sounding amp with great tone controls. It is super portable. A very pure, clean, and  warm sounding jazz amp. It has plenty of power and tone for any type of show! I am really geeked over it! www.jazzamp.com


Instrumental-setup.jpg (80513 bytes)

Well, that's the set up for this year. Many gigs coming up, with the opportunity to meet a lot of people, while having a great time!


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More of My Favorite Gear

The guitar I am holding is a Heritage Sweet 16 model. I use it for my instrumental gigs at dinner parties and restaurants. The body is 16 inches wide and the rim thickness is 2 3/4". It has great acoustic and electric tone.  Due to its size it is much more comfortable to hold and play for long periods of time. 

Over my shoulder in the upper left of the photo is the custom built Booker amp, which I had Steve Gibbs from The Audio Brothers in England build for me.

sweet_16.jpg (69263 bytes)
Click the photo for
a larger view of the
Sweet 16 and the
Booker amp.

Here I am cutting loose with Jim Knisely, during a rehearsal in my studio.  My guitar is a solid body custom built Strat with 2 PAF humbucker pickups.  I  use this guitar when we do the pop vocal thing and rock and blues.  When we play with the full band (electric bass and drums) I use the strat guitar.  For louder gigs I use an old all tube 50 watt Marshall combo amp, or a 1986 Mesa Boogie single 12 combo.

strat_silvertone.jpg (69394 bytes)
Click the photo for a
larger view of my custom
Strat and Vintage
Silvertone amp.

My Gordon Rascoe custom shop guitars.

The Tele has a booked matched black walnut chambered body.
Padauk and curly maple top.
Mod shop noiseless Fender pickups.
Rosewood control knobs.
A Gibson 3-way toggle switch.
The better StewMac input jack that screws into the edge of the guitar.
Rear loaded 250k pots.
Mighty-Mite birdseye maple neck with a soft C shape and medium fret wire.
Satin lacquer finish on the neck and a high gloss lacquer finish on the body.
Rootbeer colored Gotoh tuning knobs.
Roller string tree.
Nice strap buttons.
It is medium in weight due to the chambered body and balanced very well while standing or sitting.
Custom made mini pickguard for the neck pickup so the pickup can be adjusted for height.
Top loading bridge with barrel saddles.
This guitar sounds awesome acoustically and really sustains when turned up through an amp. Pure Tele!

The Strat has a poplar body with a thin curly maple top.
Fender mod shop noiseless pickups.
Standard 5 way Strat pickup selector switch and wiring other than it has the mod so the bridge pickup shares the bottom tone control.
White pearloid pickguard.
White pearloid Gotoh tuning knobs.
A mahogany block was glued inside the body and a top loading bridge was screwed to that.

Maple Carvin neck with an ebony fingerboard with a tung oiled finish.
The face and the rear of the headstock has 4 coats of high gloss black lacquer.
This guitar is just a little heavier than a Parker Fly and feels super light for a Strat! It is amazing to hold and play and the balance is very even. The tone is very good. Very Strat like but no noise, no squeal and has great sustain at all levels.
The body has a medium black transparent poly finish with black strap buttons.

Gordon had many ideas on how to take the traditional or classic Stratocaster and Telecaster designs which I have enjoyed playing for many years and improve the sound, sustain, balance, weight, feel and the action. He came through in every area and more! I also tossed many thoughts his way for about 8 weeks before he built the guitars.

A huge thank you to Gordon for building them and a major thank you to Mike Gorecki for taking the picture!

Gordon is currently building three more guitars and a few custom speaker cabinets out of wonderful looking woods. His personal guitars are out of this world!

Two-great-guitars-500.jpg (54586 bytes)

Photography by Mike Gorecki

les_paul.jpg (56049 bytes)
Another one of my favorites is this 1956 Gibson Gold Top Les Paul and Vintage DeArmond amp.  Click on the photo to enlarge  it.


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